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Voila Mattress Receives the ChiroHub Seal of Approval

When searching for a mattress, it can be hard to figure out which one to buy. There are
many mattress, pillow, and bed review sites on the internet, and sometimes the reviews can be contradictory. ChiroHub is making that process easier to understand, and also making quality products easier to spot, with the ChiroHub Official Seal of Approval.

The ChiroHub Official Seal of Approval is only awarded to innovative and revolutionary products that meet chiropractors’ standards. However, the ChiroHub approval process involves more than just lying on a mattress or squeezing a piece of foam.

In order to receive the Seal of Approval, a product has to go through various tests, including two months of clinical use. During this time, the ChiroHub team determines if the product is worthy of your hard-earned money, and most importantly, if it’s good for your back and overall body.

ChiroHub doesn’t only evaluate mattresses—they also evaluate x-ray supplies, homeopathy, and nutritional supplements. In short, ChiroHub is the most reliable source for product reviews in the chiropractic field. Only products that meet these high standards are awarded the ChiroHub Official Seal of Approval.

We are pleased to announce that Voila Mattress, the first showroom-quality mattress in a box, has passed these rigorous tests to receive the ChiroHub Official Seal of Approval. So what does that really mean?

During their testing process, ChiroHub evaluated the Voila mattress in the following six categories: durability, user-friendliness, efficacy, cost/profit analysis, general appeal and cosmetics, and documentation and training. To learn more about ChiroHub’s testing process, visit their website.

ChiroHub’s mission is to help reveal new breakthroughs in the chiropractic field. Because Voila mattress has been awarded the ChiroHub Official Seal of Approval, you can rest easy knowing that even chiropractors think Voila is the best supportive surface for your back.Chirohub Seal of Approval

Each size and comfort level of Voila’s mattresses is ergonomically suited toward optimal spine health, and is comprised of 12 comfort levels. Here’s a breakdown of the materials that make up Voila’s mattresses:

  • Individually wrapped coils: 768-count, five-zone pocket coils support your body’s weight and keep your spine perfectly aligned while you sleep. This doesn’t just help you stay asleep—it also ensures that you’re refreshed and ready to go when you wake up.
  • Triple-edge support: Each mattress is surrounded by a perimeter of edge support, meaning that when you sit down on your mattress to tie your shoe, or when you roll over in your sleep, you won’t end up on the floor.
  • Talalay latex: Voila’s high-quality memory foam and innovative Talalay latex form a supportive, but never uncomfortable, sleeping surface. These materials ensure that all pressure is reduced while you sleep, so you never wake up sore or achy.
  • Gel-infused memory foam: Every Voila mattress is made using breathable mesh fabric and gel-infused memory foam. Both of these materials combined promote airflow and help you to stay cool while you sleep.

Your mattress shouldn’t be a pain in the back. A quality mattress is essential for back and body health, and at Voila, our mattresses are perfect for every sleeper. You’ll get the best sleep ever with innovative technology and ergonomic support. Find your next mattress today!