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Voila Mattress

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Not what I expected
I ordered the Plush XL Twin. I am a side sleeper and I woke up several times at night because either my arm on that side was asleep or my entire side hurt. It really did not feel "plush" to me. Perhaps this mattress is more ideal for back sleepers.
, IA
2 years ago
Medium hard/soft. Very good mattress, excellent for the price. Very comfortable. just a note: getting it up to the 2nd floor is a two person job, I recommend removing the box, but not cutting the inner plastic wrap, the plastic slides better on stairs.
Philadelphia, PA
2 years ago
Another multi-Voila customer
We were sleeping on a Saatva for just under two years when we decided to downsize the bed for more floor space in our bedroom. I was just about to pull the trigger on another Saatva when I saw Consumer Reports ratings of the Voila. Figured what the heck, they pay shipping both ways so I'll give Voila a try. THE BEST decision I've ever made concerning a bed purchase. I'm a side sleeper, but on the Voila I sleep side, back, stomach, and am so comfortable and rested in the morning. Love this bed so much I ordered another to replace the mattress in our guestroom. I cannot recommend this mattress enough. I bought the medium and it is perfect. Seriously, if you're thinking about a new mattress look no farther.
Ridgecrest, CA
2 years ago
good mattress
The mattress is fine. No complaints at all. In fact, it's quite comfortable. My only small peeve was the shipping. They used FedEx and required a signature. It was stressful since the FedEx truck usually comes during work hours and it's tough to take time off work to wait at home to sign for the mattress. Once the mattress was shipped, the folks at Voila weren't able to change the signature requirement. Still, it all worked out and now I have a fine mattress. Just be careful when you order and do everything you can to avoid the signature requirement.
, FL
2 years ago
Love our Voila...
We were searching for a new and firmer mattress than we currently were using. After doing an enormous amount of online and Consumer Reports research, we decided on the Voila. To be perfectly honest, we had never heard of Voila, but we certainly are glad we found it. It is amazing to watch this king size mattress, in a relatively small box, unfold into a great mattress. So far it has met all our expectations with quality and comfort. If it remains as it is, we have become Voila customers forever!
Statesboro, GA
2 years ago
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