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Voila Mattress

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Excellent mattress!
I ordered my Voila mattress on a Saturday evening and it arrived on Wednesday morning! The mattress arrived early on the 3rd business day just as promised. Fast! The online order process was really simple and the website is easy to navigate. I originally thought about ordering the medium firm mattress, but my husband talked me into the plush. We are very pleased with it! The mattress is still very firm and sturdy, but with just the right amount of cushioning on top. (Great for my stiff joints). When we put the mattress on our bed I was pleased with how pretty is it! The top has a white quilted pattern that looks really nice.We are super happy with our Voila mattress! Lisa L Utah
Riverton, UT
3 weeks ago
I tried a few boxed mattresses, this is the one I kept.
I tried Casper, and another brand that also got high marks in a review. Voila is the one I kept (medium firmness) because it was the really comfortable. I purchased about 6 months ago, and still genuinely happy with it. It's soft on the top layer, and really gets rid of pressure points. On the Casper my arms were falling asleep and getting numb. The other one I tried, was way too soft and misaligned my spine. Even thought it was so "soft", I still had pressure points on it somehow. I felt sunk into a poor posture as I slept, and rolled into the center - it was horrible. The Voila, while soft and pressure relieving on the top layer, has great support. It's really a perfect balance. When I purchased, Voila was kind new to the game. I don't know if they've got more recognition since then, but I'm writing this for some reason at 2am because I just really like this mattress lol. The only down side, I really wish there was a way to change to covers on it. I have a mattress protector, but I'd still like to change the cover once a year. Maybe my impression, but it just looks yellowish compared to bright white sheets. But, perhaps not that white to begin with I can't remember. Overall pretty minor issue. And yea, it's heavy. I solo carried it up 2 flights of stairs. You probably would like 2-3 people for the job though. And yea, it is so comfortable. Part of the reason I'm writing this, is so Voila stays alive and if I ever need replacing or adding another mattress I know where to go.
, MA
1 month ago
Sleep Number NO MORE!
We've had this bed a few weeks and so far it has been great. We set it up in our living room so we could be sure it was going to be the right fit and left our Sleep Number bed in place. One night we switched back to the Sleep Number bed and my husband said "NO MORE!!" We both woke up hurting. My only complaint is the company who delivered it. They would not bring it up my drive way and my husband had to go and pick it up in his truck. The man would not even come help him get it in the house! So much for good customer service from R and L Carriers in Birmingham, AL!
, AL
1 month ago
Best sleep ever
This is by far the best (and heaviest) mattress that I have ever owned. The materials are top notch and more substantial than the competitors, especially for the price. After weeks of researching, I chose this and have no regrets. My wife loves it too!
Sellersville, PA
2 months ago
best I've ever slept on
My Voila Mattress is the BEST purchase my husband and I have ever made. Not only is their customer service incredible- they made sure our mattress arrived at the house that we were moving to (across the country) the exact same day we moved in- but also the mattress is the best I've ever slept on. The Voila mattress is not just a chunk of foam like all other bed-in-a-box mattresses out there. The Voila mattress has springs that give support, while still offering you a choice in firmness (plush, medium, or firm). Honestly, I will never sleep on another mattress ever again. It is really that amazing!
Chicago, IL
4 months ago
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