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Let talk about your sweet dreams. We proudly support ethical manufacturing while delivering low-cost, expertly-crafted products directly to you. Take a peek inside and to know us a bit more.

Mattress Magic in a Box

Voila mattresses are all about keeping you well rested. So, it would seem kind of silly that we would exhaust you by sending out to a big box store to try mattress after mattress after mattress like the Three Bears in triplicate. Let’s skip all that, shall we?
Voila Mattress Magic in a Box

The Right Choices

At Voila, you have to select only two things to get the right bed for you. First, firmness. Choose either soft, medium or firm. We don’t think one level of firmness fits all. We also don’t think you should need a Ph.D. to figure out which mattress to choose. Our Ph.D.s have done that work for you. Through a lot of research, we created grades of firmness that will give anyone a better night’s sleep. We guarantee it, as a matter of fact.

Second, pick the size you need: Twin, XL Twin, Full, Queen, King or California King. (By the way, why is it California king? If everything is bigger in the Lone Star State, why isn’t a Texas King? The things we used to ponder when we couldn’t sleep. Thank goodness those days are over!) A few clicks later and your mattress is only a few days away from being at your door.

The Right Components

It isn’t just any mattress that’s on its way. We didn’t cut corners, or layers, or coils just so we can ship it. Unlike some of the other guys, we think the construction of the mattress should benefit you for years, not us for about 20 minutes to put it into a box. We didn’t just compress a few layers of foam and call it a mattress. We crafted the perfect sleeping platform. It took 12
layers of different materials, each doing a specific job, to create the optimal combination of breathability, support, and comfort needed for hours of uninterrupted sleep. We use gel-infused memory foam, triple-edge support, and 768 individually wrapped pocket coils. (Back in the day you might have counted them rather than sheep. You won’t have to do that. Again, we’ve got your back—and your shoulders and your hips.)

Voila has made it easy to choose, order and set up the mattress you’ve always wanted. No nightmare-ish trudge through acres of mattresses to find one that might work. (After an hour or two you’ll pick anything just to make it END.) Oh, then you have to figure out how to get it home or shell out a hefty delivery charge. Boy, we get tired just writing about it.

At Voila, not only is it a snap to order your mattress, we know it’s the best mattress you can get anywhere. Sweet dreams do come true.